STORM CHASER is Out Today!

STORM CHASER IS OUT TODAY! To celebrate its release, I had this beautiful character art done by Quinnasauras!   And enjoy this small excerpt of one of my favorite scenes.  GET IT NOW ON AMAZON    The loudest bang echoed throughout the tight chamber and even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to move, I […]

STORM CHASER – Cover Reveal

Coming October, 2022 Chasing dangerous storms is in Marley Pascal’s blood. For her, it’s an obsession—a need to confront the powerful, destructive forces that killed her parents. But the storm she and her brother track down seems to violate the very laws of nature, with lightning that strikes as if from another world. In its […]

THE REPLACEMENT joins my other Spooky MG books!

My third middle grade horror with Scholastic came out in September! I’m so thrilled for this one to join the rest of my spooky ghost stories. And will you look how gorgeous they look together? The colors of the covers and the designs…ahh! The Scholastic team definitely knows what they’re doing in terms of branding—it […]


Well, ladies and gents. Here we are. Another little book of mine out in the world today! I will not lie to you, my friends. This one was RUFF. I won’t bore you with the details, but to give you a short snapshot…about 25% of this book was written in the hospital while my mother […]

ROARING is Out Today!

“Password?” the man grunted in a thick Scottish brogue. “The Fall of Bellerophon,” Colt answered. The large man stepped to the side, and we were granted entrance. Colt pushed the door open, and we entered the Cerberus Club. It really was like walking into Lucifer’s kingdom. Immediately I wanted to shed my fur coat as […]

ROARING – Cover Reveal

Coming August 3rd, 2020 When a special agent walks into her speakeasy, her quiet life is gone in the drop of a mic.   Colt Clemmons is an agent in a specialized division within the Bureau of Investigation—one that hunts down not just mobsters, but also monsters. For reasons that are kept top secret, Colt […]

New Book Announcement! ROARING – YA Paranormal Romance

Hey booknerds! I’m excited to announce I have a new book coming out this year! This one will be a digital only release from Entangled Teen. The release date is scheduled for August 3rd, 2020 so mark your calendars! ROARING is a standalone YA Paranormal Romance set in the Roaring 20’s. Think The Great Gatsby meets This […]

Entangled Teen Road Tripping BlogHop

  Take a Road Trip to the Smokies   HELLO, FELLOW BOOKNERDS! Thanks for joining me at my stop for Entangled Teen’s Road Tripping BlogHop! My stop–where my recent book GLOW OF THE FIREFLIES takes place–is the Great Smoky Mountains! I love the mountains! Especially the Smokies. There’s something truly otherworldly about them. When I […]

THE HAUNTING is Out Today!

Are you a fan of a good ghost story?  When I was growing up I read every spook-tacular book I could get my hands on. The authors of my childhood were Mary Downing Hahn (Wait Till Helen Comes, Took) and Betty Ren Wright (The Dollhouse Murders, Ghosts Beneath Our Feet), each master storytellers for middle […]


I honestly can’t believe my second book is out in the world today! This one was a journey. I want so badly to say that getting GLOW out of the gate was easier than my first book, KISS OF THE ROYAL, but that would be a big ole fat lie. It was actually harder. The […]

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