The Best Spooky Ghost Stories for Kids on Shepherd

It’s so fun when friends find your books in the wild. By far the most photos I get are from my middle grade ghost books from @scholastic – This first one is from a free neighborhood library—a wife of a co-worker sent to me. The second one came from a half-price bookstore in Houston, courtesy of my sister-in-law. And then my bff sent THE REPLACEMENT all the way from Chicago! Super cool.

Speaking of fun ghost story things…Shepherd is a website offering curated lists of books based on specific themes and I was approached to provide one for the best spooky ghost stories for young readers. If you’re so inclined, please check it out!


ALSO! My next ghost story is in the works! This will be called GHOST OF THE HARVEST. Cover and pre-order link coming soOoOoOooon!



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