Young Adult


Kiss of the Royal

To Princess Ivy Myriana, kisses are used as weapons and Love is a fairytale. But one prince is desperate to prove her wrong.





Glow of the Fireflies

Desperate for answers to her lost childhood, Briony returns to her old home in the Smoky Mountains to find a hidden world of nature spirits.





Eris’s simple, quiet life is gone with the drop of a mic when a young monster hunter walks into her bar.






Middle Grade


The Haunting

Emily, a twelve-year-old orphan is adopted by a lovely family called the Thorntons and taken to Blackthorn Manor, a great house full of terrible secrets.




Ghost in the Headlights

In this modern-day retelling of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” an angry ghost haunts a small-town road in search of revenge…





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