Glow of the Fireflies

Briony never planned to go back to the place she lost everything.

Firefly Valley, nestled deep within the Smoky Mountains, is better kept in her past. After an unexplained fire gave Briony amnesia, her mother disappeared and her dad moved them to Knoxville.

But now her grandmother needs a caretaker and Briony’s dad volunteers her to help. The moment she returns, her whole world shifts. She feels a magical connection to this valley, as if it’s literally part of her somehow.

And when she meets a hot guy who claims he was her childhood friend but now mysteriously keeps his distance, Briony starts piecing together her missing past…and discovers her mother didn’t leave to start a new life somewhere. She’s trapped in the hidden world within the valley.

Now, Briony will do whatever it takes to rescue her, even if it means standing up against dangerously powerful nature spirits. Even if it means giving up her first love.



               ISBN: 9781640637313

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Reviews for Glow of the Fireflies

“Glow of the Fireflies will sweep you away into a world of folklore and magic. Its rich descriptions and lush settings will entrap you so you won’t want to leave!”
– Annie Sullivan, author of A Touch of Gold and Tiger Queen

“Glow of the Fireflies has everything you could ever ask for in a YA fantasy: a tenacious heroine, an enthralling journey through a mystical world, and a touch of romance for good measure. Not to mention, Duga’s vivid descriptions are so delectable you’ll want to savor every word. Readers will devour this book!”
– Tiffany Brownlee, author of Wrong in All the Right Ways

Imaginative and full of intrigue. Lindsey Duga created a magical world parallel to our own, with unforgettable characters, creatures, and sights. Glow of the Fireflies will take you on an immersive and wondrous journey.”
– Alice Reeds, author of Echoes

“‘Glow of the Fireflies’ Reminds me of the classic books I used to read as a child that were filled with worlds of magic, whimsical creatures, and enchanted forests. With the stresses of adult life, it’s been nice to slip away into this well written and addictive read. Throughout the book, Lindsey Duga uses deliciously detailed description and exquisite word building to make you feel like you’re part of every scene.”
– Rhiannion H., Goodreads

Scenic, imaginative writing.”
– Dreamer J., Goodreads

“Glow of the Fireflies was an amazing journey that I…fell in love with. This was my first book by Lindsey Duga and it definitely won’t be my last. I know this one will be a hit at my library, and I can’t wait to share it.”
– Angela B., NetGalley

Absolutely magical and enchanting.”
– Rebecca M., Goodreads

“I don’t know how to say this, I was speechless after reading this book. It was a very phenomenal and brilliant story. This is like the best YA-Fantasy book I ever read so far, the concept of the magic was brilliant, and the characters are very likable which makes this story more interesting.”
– DK S., Goodreads

“If you are an animal and nature lover and enjoy a unique and imaginative story with lovable characters, adventure, and beautiful visuals, I highly recommend Glow of the Fireflies!”
– A Bookish Escape

“This one had a wonderful magical system that I just can’t stop thinking about. I you are looking for something new and fresh in the age of young adult then check this one out!!”
– Crossroad Reviews

“Likable, well rounded characters, a plot which was entrancing, and twists in the story with the action and magic made this an irresistible afternoon read. I still needed to come out of my book high!!”
– Shalini G., Goodreads

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