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New Book Announcement – ROARING

ROARING is a standalone YA Paranormal Romance set in the Roaring 20’s. Think The Great Gatsby meets This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. 

Eris’s simple, quiet life is gone with the drop of a mic when a young monster hunter walks into her bar.

Check it out!

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Hi, I’m Lindsey. I write Middle Grade and Young Adult, while also reading it compulsively. My passion lies in almost anything that goes beyond the limits of reality—from fantasy, to paranormal, to sci-fi and all the in-between. I have a morkie puppy named Delphi (as in “The Oracle of”) and she is both my muse and distraction when it comes to writing.

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New Book Announcement! ROARING – YA Paranormal Romance

Hey booknerds! I’m excited to announce I have a new book coming out this year! This one will be a digital only release from Entangled Teen. The release date is scheduled for August 3rd, 2020 so mark your calendars! ROARING is a standalone YA Paranormal Romance set in the Roaring 20’s. Think The Great Gatsby meets This […]

Entangled Teen Road Tripping BlogHop

  Take a Road Trip to the Smokies   HELLO, FELLOW BOOKNERDS! Thanks for joining me at my stop for Entangled Teen’s Road Tripping BlogHop! My stop–where my recent book GLOW OF THE FIREFLIES takes place–is the Great Smoky Mountains! I love the mountains! Especially the Smokies. There’s something truly otherworldly about them. When I […]


Be on the lookout for my next Entangled Teen Romance set in the Roaring 20’s!

Under this single spotlight, I am an angel. The song flows out of me, free and beautiful and haunting. Rich and smooth as a glass of whiskey. Not that I know what whiskey tastes like. But that’s what more than a few patrons have said before.

“Eris, babe, you’s got a voice as rich and smooth as a glass uh’ whiskey.”

I smile and dip my head in thanks, not speaking. Not ever saying a word. Their glazed, inebriated eyes tell me they want to hear my voice, but that they don’t care the words I utter. And so I utter nothing as I serve them their drinks. Don’t say a word.

Don’t. Ever. Speak.

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