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Glow of the Fireflies

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Firefly Valley, nestled deep within the Smoky Mountains, is better kept in Briony’s past. But when her grandmother needs a caretaker, Briony returns to the valley where she lost everything, including her childhood memories and her mother. With the help of a strange boy, Briony begins piecing together her missing past to find a hidden world of nature spirits…the place where her mother might be held captive.


A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Lindsey. I write Middle Grade and Young Adult, while also reading it compulsively. My passion lies in almost anything that goes beyond the limits of reality—from fantasy, to paranormal, to sci-fi and all the in-between. I have a morkie puppy named Delphi (as in “The Oracle of”) and she is both my muse and distraction when it comes to writing.

From My Brain to the Page


I honestly can’t believe my second book is out in the world today! This one was a journey. I want so badly to say that getting GLOW out of the gate was easier than my first book, KISS OF THE ROYAL, but that would be a big ole fat lie. It was actually harder. The […]

Book Trailer and Giveaway for GLOW OF THE FIREFLIES

I made a book trailer! This was so much fun. I hope you enjoy! I’ve also got a giveaway happening! Be sure to enter! RULES Follow on Lindsey on Twitter @LindseyDuga Follow on Lindsey on Instagram @LinzDuga Follow EntangledTeen on Instagram  @EntangledTeen Follow FFBC OR Follow Storygram Tours on Instagram Add GLOW OF THE FIREFLIES to […]


Be on the lookout for my next Entangled Teen Fantasy Romance set in the Smoky Mountains coming out Fall 2019!

While repetitive, the Tennessee countryside was beautiful. Summer wildflowers covered the meadow below and the forest was alive with shadows and spots of sunlight peeking through the leaves. Beyond the trees and meadows, the Smoky Mountains stretched before us. It seemed as though no matter how far we drove, we never got any closer. We just stayed at their base, chasing after them.


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