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Book Deal News!

I am so thrilled to announce that I’ve got a new YA in the works! Going back to my roots with royals once again and I couldn’t be more excited. THE ACADEMY is slated for Jan 2025 with Christy Ottaviano Books and Little Brown Books for Young Readers. The drama will be high with this one and I cannot wait for y’all to meet these characters.


A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Lindsey. I write Middle Grade and Young Adult, while also reading it compulsively. My passion lies in almost anything that goes beyond the limits of reality—from fantasy, to paranormal, to sci-fi and all the in-between. I have a morkie puppy named Delphi (as in “The Oracle of”) and she is both my muse and distraction when it comes to writing.

From My Brain to the Page

STORM CHASER is Out Today!

STORM CHASER IS OUT TODAY! To celebrate its release, I had this beautiful character art done by Quinnasauras!   And enjoy this small excerpt of one of my favorite scenes.  GET IT NOW ON AMAZON    The loudest bang echoed throughout the tight chamber and even though I knew I wasn’t supposed to move, I […]

STORM CHASER – Cover Reveal

Coming October, 2022 Chasing dangerous storms is in Marley Pascal’s blood. For her, it’s an obsession—a need to confront the powerful, destructive forces that killed her parents. But the storm she and her brother track down seems to violate the very laws of nature, with lightning that strikes as if from another world. In its […]


It’s every kid’s dream to be a dragon, right? Wrooooong.

It’s not mine.

But did I get a say when the village head priest stood over my crib and proclaimed that the next guardian had been born? Did anyone ask me if I wanted to become a dragon with bad breath, a big lizard body with teeth and claws? And did anyone bother to check with me if I wanted to spend day after day in the back of a dusty old temple studying ancient prayers?

In case anyone’s keeping track, the answer is no. Always no.

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