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The Reviews for ROARING are in!

“ The idea of humans being combined with mythological creature parts was so interesting and unique and had me captivated.  The characters were well rounded, the scene descriptions were fantastic and the story was highly entertaining.
– Book Book Owl

“Lindsey Duga’s intricate rendering between the Prohibition era and fantasy/mythology and the dual perspectives of Colt and Eris was fantastic. Duga takes a common trope and spins it into a work of art.
– Joy L., Goodreads


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Hi, I’m Lindsey. I write Middle Grade and Young Adult, while also reading it compulsively. My passion lies in almost anything that goes beyond the limits of reality—from fantasy, to paranormal, to sci-fi and all the in-between. I have a morkie puppy named Delphi (as in “The Oracle of”) and she is both my muse and distraction when it comes to writing.

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ROARING is Out Today!

“Password?” the man grunted in a thick Scottish brogue. “The Fall of Bellerophon,” Colt answered. The large man stepped to the side, and we were granted entrance. Colt pushed the door open, and we entered the Cerberus Club. It really was like walking into Lucifer’s kingdom. Immediately I wanted to shed my fur coat as […]

ROARING – Cover Reveal

Coming August 3rd, 2020 When a special agent walks into her speakeasy, her quiet life is gone in the drop of a mic.   Colt Clemmons is an agent in a specialized division within the Bureau of Investigation—one that hunts down not just mobsters, but also monsters. For reasons that are kept top secret, Colt […]


Be on the lookout for my next Entangled Teen Romance set in the Roaring 20’s!

Under this single spotlight, I am an angel. The song flows out of me, free and beautiful and haunting. Rich and smooth as a glass of whiskey. Not that I know what whiskey tastes like. But that’s what more than a few patrons have said before.

“Eris, babe, you’s got a voice as rich and smooth as a glass uh’ whiskey.”

I smile and dip my head in thanks, not speaking. Not ever saying a word. Their glazed, inebriated eyes tell me they want to hear my voice, but that they don’t care the words I utter. And so I utter nothing as I serve them their drinks. Don’t say a word.

Don’t. Ever. Speak.

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