When a special agent walks into her speakeasy, her quiet life is gone in the drop of a mic.

Since she was a child, Eris has been told to keep quiet. The only time she is allowed to use her voice is on the smoky, soft-lit stage of Helena Maldu’s speakeasy, the Blind Dragon. Her songs ensnare patrons, and keep them coming back–which is good business. But her safe, yet mundane, life is gone with the drop of a mic when a handsome young hunter walks into her bar.

Colt Clemmons is an agent of a specialized division of the Bureau of Investigation–a division that hunts down not just mobsters, but monsters. And a certain sweet-faced siren masquerading as a waitress is his next target. Only, when he meets Eris, she’s not at all what Colt was expecting, and he’s forced to decide for himself whether or not she deserves the fate that the government has in store for her.

But someone else is hunting the lost siren as well. Her mysterious creator is after her voice for the power that it possesses and will stop at nothing to get his monster back. As Colt and Eris evade his monstrous henchmen at every turn, a darker, more sinister plot begins to unfold, and with it, effects that will send shockwaves across the nation.

         ISBN: 9798669195977

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Reviews for Roaring

“This book was AWESOME! It has a really unique premise, wonderful kick butt characters, and a sizzlingly sweet romance that will make you swoon time and time againI highly recommend this book to fans of fantasy and paranormal romances. Roaring is one of my favorite reads of 2020!”
– Book Briefs Blog 

This was a roaring good timeI absolutely loved this story! The romance, the adventure, and the action! It has so much and is told so beautifully. This was an absolute great thrilling read! It mixes mobsters with monsters and holy heck was it such a fun combination!”
– Ash in Books 

“Roaring was a really fun and captivating fantasy read!
– Lindsay C., NetGalley

“The plot was intriguing and such a refreshing difference from the norm that the YA genre has found itself in. I genuinely loved every second of this book. I look forward to reading more from Lindsey Duga!”
– Taylor N., Goodreads

A really fun, thrilling, exciting and interesting read. I had an enjoyable time reading this and it held my attention the entire way through that I finished it within the day!”
– Amanda M., NetGalley

“Told in alternating points of view, between Eris and Colt, this story was so much fun. The idea of humans being ‘spliced’ for want of a better word, with mythological creature parts was so interesting and unique and had me captivated the whole way through.  The characters were well rounded, the scene descriptions were fantastic and the story was highly entertaining.
– Book Book Owl

This book was everything I didn’t know I needed! I loved it so much and wish there was more!”
– Catherine H., NetGalley

“Roaring was a short and easy read. I personally enjoyed the author’s style and descriptive language. My eyes were glued to the page and I couldn’t put it down. I would definitely read it over again. I highly recommend reading while listening to Spotify’s 1920s Instrumental playlist! (Also that gorgeous cover!!!)”
– Mikyla K., NetGalley

“Lindsey Duga’s intricate rendering between the Prohibition era and fantasy/mythology and the dual perspectives of Colt and Eris was fantastic. Duga takes a common trope and spins it into a work of art.
– Joy L., Goodreads


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