New South Story Lab, A Non-Profit Organization for Young Creative Writers

These past couple months, I’ve spent my Saturday mornings at the library with a group of talented and passionate young writers. Instead of sleeping in and watching TV, at 10:30AM about ten kids file into the teen meeting room of the library and dedicate an hour and a half to the craft of writing. This […]

The Louisiana Book Festival 2017

  There was something uniquely special about this year’s Louisiana Book Festival. It probably had to do with the fact that every author signing table I passed, and every author panel I attended, I couldn’t help but think that next year I’d be where they were. I could be signing my own book, and I […]

Three Reasons to do NaNoWriMo 2017

  This year’s Nanowrimo is officially upon us. Now who here thinks they don’t have any time for it? *Shamefully raises hand* Why November always seems like the busiest month of the year, I’ll never know. It feels like I never have any time. Of course, as a soon to be published author, every month of the […]

Bayou Writers Conference 2017 – A Bridge to Publication

  If anyone’s counting, this was my third writers’ conference this year. Alas, it will also be my last one for 2017. With the holidays approaching, a digital marketing conference on the horizon for early December, as well as a round of edits for a new project, and NaNoWriMo, I’m 100% spent. Not to mention […]

How to Tackle your Second Pass Edits

Your Second Pass edits, otherwise known as your “Line Edits” focus to clarify meaning, to improve flow, to emphasize the point, etc. Before I go into my process for second pass edits, if you need a quick refresh on what different types of edits are, writer and editor Naomi Hughes does an excellent job of explaining the […]

Writers’ League of Texas – Agents & Editors Conference 2017

There’s nothing like going to a weekend-long writers’ conference to light a fire under your keister. And let me tell you…after attending the Writers’ League of Texas annual Agents & Editors Conference, I. Am. Fired. Up!! In my last conference post I mentioned how crucial they are to a writer’s career. Well, this conference in […]

Crown of Ice by Vicki L. Weavil – Release Day

Happy Book Birthday to Vicki L. Weavil and her YA Fairytale retelling, Crown of Ice!   Snow Queen Thyra Winther is immortal, but if she can’t reassemble a shattered enchanted mirror by her eighteenth birthday she’s doomed to spend eternity as a wraith. CROWN OF ICE – ebook and paperback available now   In celebration […]

Vicki L. Weavil – Author Spotlight

Introducing Vicki L. Weavil… Vicki and I have been friends and CPs for almost five years! Ever since meeting online at Agent Query Connect, we have enjoyed each other’s writing and advice over the years. It’s been such a gift to watch her grow her writing career and she has been such a savior to […]

Jambalaya Writers Conference 2017

One of the things that has been instrumental in my writer’s journey has been attending writers’ conferences. There is no faster, easier—and more fun—way to gain access to the publishing world. Over the past four years, I have attended at least 12 writers conferences—all within driving distance! Some were cheap, some were expensive, but all […]

Archie Comics Gets Twisted in CW’s ‘Riverdale’

  After almost a month since its pilot, I finally found time to binge-watch the first four episodes of the new CW teen drama series, Riverdale. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the best judge of good television. In fact, most of my favorite […]

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