THE REPLACEMENT joins my other Spooky MG books!

My third middle grade horror with Scholastic came out in September! I’m so thrilled for this one to join the rest of my spooky ghost stories. And will you look how gorgeous they look together? The colors of the covers and the designs…ahh! The Scholastic team definitely knows what they’re doing in terms of branding—it kinda makes you want to get all three to complete your set!

So if you’re looking for a bone-chilling ghost story with a touch of mystery, check out these books to get in the mood for a spooOOoooky month!

Looking for a signed copy of all three? Drop a comment below and let me know!




Do the dead deserve another chance?

Erin loves her new home in the country. She has a big bedroom that overlooks a beautiful garden, and there’s even a treehouse in the backyard. Everything is perfect . . . except for the ghost.

At first, the ghost is nothing more than a nuisance, pulling Erin’s hair, coloring on the walls, and getting Erin into heaps of trouble with her parents.But things become even stranger when Erin starts losing her memory. Sometimes it’s only for a few minutes, and other times it’s for a few days. It’s almost as if she’s fallen asleep!

Erin is convinced the ghost has been taking over her body, but why? It’s up to Erin to figure out how to quell the ghost before it can get her into even more trouble—or worse!


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