I honestly can’t believe my second book is out in the world today!

This one was a journey. I want so badly to say that getting GLOW out of the gate was easier than my first book, KISS OF THE ROYAL, but that would be a big ole fat lie. It was actually harder. The fear was greater. The expectations…higher. Not just with my readers, but with myself. Every writer wants their next book to be better than the last. Heck, we want every sentence to be better than the last. But the truth is, we can never achieve our own standards because they just keep getting higher. The only thing I can be absolutely sure of, is that I loved every step of publishing this book. From the first draft to the third rewrite (yes, you read that right, third) from the book festival applications to the blogs, instagram posts, online tours, and swag…I enjoyed it all. So while I can’t say with confidence that this is my best book yet, I can say that I had fun. So, so, so much fun. And every day I’m grateful to my supportive friends and family, my publishing team over at Entangled Teen, and my readers.

Now go catch some fireflies. 



Firefly Valley, nestled deep within the Smoky Mountains, is better kept in Briony’s past. But when her grandmother needs a caretaker, Briony returns to the valley where she lost everything, including her childhood memories and her mother. With the help of a strange boy, Briony begins piecing together her missing past to find a hidden world of nature spirits…the place where her mother might be held captive.


“Glow of the Fireflies will sweep you away into a world of folklore and magic. Its rich descriptions and lush settings will entrap you so you won’t want to leave!”
– Annie Sullivan, author of A Touch of Gold and Tiger Queen

“Glow of the Fireflies has everything you could ever ask for in a YA fantasy: a tenacious heroine, an enthralling journey through a mystical world, and a touch of romance for good measure. Not to mention, Duga’s vivid descriptions are so delectable you’ll want to savor every word. Readers will devour this book!”
– Tiffany Brownlee, author of Wrong in all the Right Ways

“Imaginative and full of intrigue. Lindsey Duga created a magical world parallel to our own, with unforgettable characters, creatures, and sights. Glow of the Fireflies will take you on an immersive and wondrous journey. ”
– Alice Reeds, author of Echoes

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