Inspirational Music Artist – Lauren Aquilina

Writers spend hours and hours prepping for various projects. Whether that is outlining the next novel, or editing an older one, or even working on their marketing plans, there’s a lot of time and effort of sitting in a coffee shop or library with headphones on.

Part of that prep time for me (and a lot of other writers I know) is creating playlists for my books and/or writing sessions so I have something to listen to in those headphones. That involves a lot of thumbs up songs in Pandora radio and exploring new channels, following people on Spotify and of course, surfing youtube video after youtube video. I also get new music from TV shows and movies I watch, but that’s a topic for another blog post.

One of the most inspirational music artists I’ve come across in the past year is Lauren Aquilina. She is a young and talented female singer/songwriter with a gorgeous voice and sensational lyrics.

With a sound similar to Lorde, Ruth B, and Christina Perri, Lauren Aquilina writes soulful, emotional pieces with the grace and beauty of an Adele song’s lyrics. Her songs are inspired by her own life experiences and she has a true talent for reaching down and pulling out words and melodies that tell stories that inspire us, invoke emotion, and tell stories.

Her two albums, Fools  and Isn’t it Strange can be found on Spotify. 

I encourage every YA and romance writer to click on the videos below and listen to her unique sound that will transport you to a heart-wrenching story to help you write yours.


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