And So It Begins

My first blog post on my brand-spanking-new website.

Thanks to my lovely and talented web designer friend, Meaghan Mulligan, I finally have one. (Lady, you are out-of-this-world beautiful, and more than I could ever deserve.)

Anyway, dear reader, this is an introductory blog post where I will try my best to give you a general overview of what I plan to be blogging about and what you can expect from my many musings. Some you may find very helpful, while a few you’ll probably just roll your eyes and say, “Oh great, she’s talking about superheroes again.” (And to that I say, tough cookies. They’re awesome.)

So what is this blog going to be? 
A huge part of this blog will be about writing (surprise, surprise), but more specifically, it will be what inspires my settings, characters, and even plot and how I use those inspirations to create something totally unique and mine.

When the posts are not about writing they can range from anything to movie and book reviews to TV show rants. Additionally, since I work at a digital marketing agency I’ll post the occasional helpful tutorial on things like domain names, hosting, site updates, content management systems, SEO best practices, and other helpful topics to fellow writers who are looking for help on their web presence.

Once again, thanks, Meaghan—you’re great.

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